Back on Solids!

So last night concluded my 3-day juice cleanse.  I celebrated by gorging on peanut butter (4-5 spoonfuls, right from the jar).  Consequently, I was up numerous times overnight with interesting and unexpected stomach issues.  Seriously?  From peanut butter?  I blame the sugar.  Anyway.  Today I am easing back into normal eating in the smartest way I can think of- I’m re-introducing one troublesome food group at a time, very slowly, until I get all these gastrointestinal shenanigans worked out.

I started the day with a piece of Ezekiel bread, toasted with avocado and a fried egg, a handful of cherries, and the rest of my green juice from yesterday.  So far, so good.  Lunch is a small Greek salad with a little feta cheese- which means today is the day to really, once and for all, figure out if I’m actually lactose intolerant.

Tonight I have a fun night out planned with my co-workers, and there will be tacos and margaritas.  I’m hoping the tummy holds up all night and I don’t have to call it an early one.  Just have to incorporate fresh juices here and there to make sure I’m getting plenty of fresh fruits and veg, and work on getting back into a fitness routine (that’s gonna be a tough one!).

At some point, hopefully over the weekend, I’ll work on getting my blog more public-friendly (hello, pictures?) and personalized; just not while I’m typing these posts while on my lunch breaks *wink*.

Take care



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