Well, it’s not gluten…

No time to write anything over the weekend- ahhh the busy, bordering-on-hectic life of a cake decorator during wedding season- but I did try out some foods I thought might set off the pyrotechnics in the ol’ tummy… nothin’.  I had a little sugar, a little dairy, a little more gluten.  Even had a greasy cheeseburger last night.  No bad reactions to anything.  So that’s great, right? Well, yeah, but… now there’s the danger of overdoing it on bad stuff and falling back into old habits.  I kinda don’t think I will at this point.  I’m not stupid, and I know what’s bad for me.  I’ve already sworn off my *worst*  habit: eating cake scrap and buttercream while I’m working (fat kid problems).

So, up till this point I’ve only written about what I’ve been eating and my stupid janky belly. Here’s some back story on me!  I’ve been married to my adorable grizzly bear of a husband since Oct. 2011, though we’ve been together since the summer of ’04.  We welcomed our first child, Charles Fredrick, into our hearts and home in March of this year after over two years of struggling to conceive.  He’s such a blessing and brings SO much joy into our lives!  He really is just the cutest kid ever and I’m so lucky to be his mama.  Charlie is bright and beautiful and everything we could’ve hoped for our first baby.

We live in a small, fixer-upper 1920s bungalow in southeastern Wisconsin, and have plans to add to our family once we can afford to move into a bigger place. We also have a rotten-rat-child of a doggie we lovingly call Rosiepoo.  She’s really a sweet baby who we adopted in the spring of 2012 when we were living in St. Louis. She’s a blue heeler mix, and we think she’s some kind of pit bull, but a small one.  Maybe a mini bull terrier or something similar with a short stature. She’s a great big weirdo and we love her to pieces.

Rosiepoo hanging out in her back yard

I’ll be writing more about all aspects of my life from here on out, I think.  If you’d like to follow along with my life or my weight loss journey, I’m a regular poster on Instagram, @sjwright821

That’s it for the time being.  Take care



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  1. Nice post! Such a cute baby 🙂 hope you enjoy your week!


    1. Thank you! I hope you enjoy yours as well:)


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